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A British Motoring Icon for Over 110 Years

M O R G A N    M O T O R   C O M P A N Y

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The Morgan Range

It has been 15 years since Morgan Motor Company last imported the Classic Range into the US market, the 2005 Roadster. We now have both the Plus 4 and V6 Roadster available. There are a limited number of build-slots available for the US. Do not hesitate if you have always wanted a Morgan!

The classic Morgan range are being imported as component cars. The completed body or rolling-coach are shipped without drivetrain. The drivetrain is shipped seperately and installed here. The cars are referred to as "USA 1965 Tribute Cars". Titling will vary from State to State.




The Pickersleigh Road site from where Morgans have been built since 1914, is itself built into the foothills of the Malverns. The staggered floor layout sends each car down the natural slope of the hill as it passes through each stage of the manufacturing process.

Every Morgan is expertly crafted using three core elements: ash, aluminum and leather. Designed to work in harmony with its construction materials, natural properties are respected to deliver a higher quality vehicle. By paring the boundaries of how long-established techniques can be applied, each Morgan car celebrates traditional manufacture while embracing modern design.


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