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M O R G A N :   A   B R I T I S H    M O T O R I N G    I C O N

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The Morgan Motor Company provides a fitting antidote to mass-produced automotive manufacturing, bringing with it an exceptional mix of traditional craftsmanship and appropriate modern technology.


Famous the world over for their unique blend of craft, heritage and pure driving experience, the Morgan Motor Company has been manufacturing their quintessentially British vehicles in Malvern, UK, for 110 years.

Passed down through generations, the same craftsmanship skills that were integral during the founding of the Morgan Motor Company in 1909 are as alive today as they have ever been.


The company was established in 1909 by H.F.S Morgan with the design of the now iconic Morgan Three-Wheeler. This was followed in 1936 by the Morgan 4-4, which continues to be produced today, and is the longest running production car in the world.

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“T H E   M O R G A N   F A M I L Y   C O N T I N U E   T O   A C T   A S

S T E W A R D S   F O R   T H E   C O M P A N Y”

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The authenticity of Morgan, one of Britain’s longest established motor manufacturers, has remained unchanged for more than 110 years: from design and engineering, to craft and manufacturing, through to sales and tailoring, every Morgan is designed and built to be as individual as its owner.

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Now in their fourth generation, the Morgan family continue to act as stewards for the brand, upholding the values of the company and ensuring their family legacy lives on with each new Morgan produced. The Morgan family retain a shareholding of the company, alongside majority shareholders Investindustrial, who announced in 2019 that they would be investing heavily in the Morgan Motor Company and its long-term future building cars in Britain. As part of Investindustrial’s investment into the Morgan Motor Company, the management team and staff were rewarded with share in the business.


Each Morgan is hand crafted using three core elements: ash, aluminium and leather. Every Morgan is entirely unique, built to the highest standards by passionate craftsmen and women, whose skills are handed down through generations and perfected over a lifetime, bringing together heritage, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The Morgan model line-up encompasses three main ranges:

The Morgan 3 Wheeler, Classic and Aluminium Platform ranges all offer something unique, whilst retaining the true DNA of what a Morgan sports car should be.

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The evolution of the Morgan model-range has taken the marque into the 21st Century, and today Morgan build just 800 cars per year.

The Aero 8 was launched in 2000 and represented the first ever Morgan model to be built on an aluminium chassis. Featuring a BMW V8 engine, the Aero 8 experienced sales success and many different body styles and iterations through its 18-year life, including a modern ‘Plus 8’.

“A N   I N T R I G U I N G   B L E N D   O F   C R A F T S M A N S H I P

A N D   T E C H N O L O G Y”

The Morgan Classic Range represents the mainstay of Morgan’s production. Built on the traditional configuration of a steel ladder chassis, sliding pillar front suspension and leaf sprung or 5-link rear suspension, the Classic Range comprises of the 4/4, Plus 4 and Roadster.

The 4/4 is the world’s longest established production car and features a 1.6 litre Ford Sigma engine. The Plus 4, Morgan’s best-selling model, features a 2.0litre Ford GDI engine, and the Roadster features a 3.7 litre V6 Ford engine.

works side by side static.jpg

In 2011, after an absence of over 50 years, Morgan re-introduced the Morgan 3 Wheeler, a modern interpretation of H.F.S. Morgan’s classic design.

Since introduction in 2011, Morgan have built over 2,000 of the ‘new’ 3 Wheeler, exciting and intriguing customers around the world. Morgan also debuted a prototype electric version of the 3 Wheeler, the EV3, at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016.

In 2019, Morgan’s aluminium platform benefitted from a new introduction, both for the model and for the platform that underpins it.

The new Morgan Plus-Six was announced at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and featured an all-new CX-Generation bonded aluminium platform. Powered by the latest BMW 3.0litre turbo charged engine, the Morgan Plus-Six is Morgan’s most dynamically capable model ever and represents the pinnacle of the Morgan product range.

Plus Six frt left.jpg

“A   F I T T I N G   A N T I D O T E   T O   M A S S-P R O D U C E D  

A U T O M O T I V E   M A N U F A C T U R I N G”

The family atmosphere at the factory in the beautiful spa town of Malvern, Worcestershire, is one that is cordially extended to all customers and enthusiasts. Prospective owners are encouraged to visit Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road factory to watch their car being built and to choose from a wide range of paint and leather-trim options, along with the extra details that make each Morgan unique to its owner.


A unique spirit of adventure and race-winning pedigree is represented in every car that Morgan build, with all models subjected to continuous development and refinement in order to meet current standards of safety. Every Morgan is tailored to you.

A global contingent of owners help to make the Morgan ownership experience unique. The marque is privileged to have such a passionate group of owners, from early ‘Pre-War’ models, through to the latest models, each owner has something in common. Regional owners clubs are popular around the world, with many events being held and supported by the company and associated owners clubs. When purchasing a Morgan, you are not just buying a car, you are joining a worldwide community. 

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